Threat Intelligence

Gain visibility into each cyber threat

New cyber threats emerge at an alarming rate

Threat intelligence is the practice of integrating and analyzing disjointed cyber data to extract evidence-based insights regarding an organization’s unique threat landscape.

Threat intelligence is information about current or potential attacks, including analysis of an adversary’s intent, opportunity, and capability to do harm. This information is used to prevent threats from taking advantage of valuable resources, and deliver actionable information that can be used in the decision-making process.

Soteryan’s actionable threat intelligence delivers a complete threat intelligence ecosystem, including security analytics capabilities, precise alerting, world-class research on malware and botnets, third-party integration, and simplified, actionable intelligence. We combine evidence-based information with business context to provide actionable recommendations. 

Our unprecedented threat intelligence service is available to distribute information across all platforms at scale, providing businesses the edge to get ahead of security breaches.

Turn raw data into actionable risk intelligence

Soteryan's security platform derives threat intelligence from endpoint data, live events, machine learning, and active threat hunting. Together,

Risk analytics

Active threat hunting

Threat intelligence database

Why standard threat intelligence is not enough

Existing security controls provide data, but often little is being learned from it.

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How Soteryan platform enables better threat intelligence

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