Security Architecture, Strategy, and Design

Align cyber risk management with your business strategy

An organization’s cyber strategy begins with a reliable security architecture

The frequency of cyber attacks necessitates a comprehensive strategy for the people, processes, and technologies used to protect a business from cyber threats. Companies may have existing cybersecurity tools and policies in place but lack the overall strategy and best practices to effectively mitigate risk. 

A robust, strategic architecture, results in fewer security breaches and reduced incident costs and is essential to maintaining control of your sensitive data. With the average breach costing a company €3.3 million, a proactive security strategy that reduces risks can mean a significant reduction in potential losses. 

Each organization’s cyber security strategy is unique to their specific industry, processes, and technology. An organization-wide cyber security strategy standardizes security across the organization and aligns it with business objectives.


Benefits of a robust security architecture

Executable security goals

Fewer security breaches

Having a security architecture framework in place results in fewer successful breaches

Reduced costs

Proactive security measures reduce costs

Mitigate disciplinary measures

Compliance with relevant regulatory authorities and regulations is easier with a structured security architecture that accounts for

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