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Why supply chains are vulnerable to cyber attacks

The manufacturing sector and its global supply chains are now the top target for ransomware attacks, a development that has only heightened in the recent political climate. Manufacturing is an attractive industry for attackers because of its high value, inter-connectedness, and often under-protected assets.

Each additional third-party vendor or client increases the attack surface of a business. A recent report stated that 92% of US organizations have experienced a breach that began with a vendor. 

A vulnerability in a supplier’s product becomes an attractive vector for attackers eager to gain access to more organizations. According to NIST, some of the major cybersecurity risks to the supply chain are counterfeit products, ransomware, hardware and software delivered with vulnerabilities, insider threats, and networks shared with partners.

Gaining visibility into a supplier’s security posture can be challenging, but failing to do so can be catastrophic. 


How ransomware can bring critical infrastructure to a halt

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