Security Operations Center (SOC)

How a security operations center keeps your business running

As the threat landscape evolves and attack surfaces expand, organizations struggle to maintain their security position. An undetected attack can result in catastrophic losses in lost production time and mitigation costs. With 80% of global businesses expecting a breach of customer records in the next year, organizations must assume they will be breached and invest in technologies to detect and stop it before significant damage occurs.

A security operations center (SOC) is the command center for a cyber security team, and includes the people, processes, and technology responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and maintaining an organization’s information security. The SOC provides an active security posture to increase visibility and respond to potential threats as they arise. 

Capabilities of a SOC

Among the capabilities of a SOC:

Breach detection

Round-the-clock monitoring

Threat triage

Intrusion monitoring

End-to-End Security Strategy

Solution feature

Centralized security advantages

rapid assessment

Ensure customer data is safe with you

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