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Enterprises, governments, and organizations worldwide enlist Soteryan for threat intelligence

Your security journey is our journey

Soteryan is named for Soteria, the mythological Greek goddess of safety, security, and preservation from harm. Like the goddess herself, Soteryan oversees the safety and protection of your business.

Soteryan was created in Amsterdam in January 2014. Before the company was officially founded, our team collaborated on testing cyber methodologies and approaches through multiple projects with global Fortune 500 companies. We have developed next-generation security products, publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, and regularly participate in and have won prestigious industry-sponsored hacking events such as Defcon CTF. Security experts at Soteryan have discovered and disclosed vulnerabilities in major software vendor architectures and presented or authored classes on SCADA, VoIP/UC, and network security at distinguished conferences and institutes.

Soteryan was founded to change the way companies think and work with security. We don’t do generic security – instead, we provide exactly the services you need, for the threats specific to your organization. Generic cyber security advice has minimal value in an environment of complex, evolving threats. From our years of experience with enterprise systems, we’ve seen that no off-the-shelf technology or approach can handle the onslaught of a targeted attack or determined adversary.

We work with a network of sister companies in the US, Ukraine, Greece, Japan, and Denmark, giving us global coverage and a diverse range of security expertise.

Soteryan consists of a focused group of elite computer security specialists. Our security pedigree is developed from decades of combined reverse engineering and network security experience in multiple industry verticals including academic, government, commercial and critical infrastructure. We prioritize risk analysis and focus on the threats that matter most. That’s why enterprises, governments, and organizations worldwide enlist Soteryan for threat intelligence.



A world class team of security experts

Soteryan’s world-class team of security consultants, threat researchers, and industry experts work together to analyze threats, prioritize risk, and optimize resources to keep you safe.

Certifications and Awards

Soteryan’s accredited security experts have been protecting global organizations for nearly a decade.

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Why Soteryan's security team gives you an advantage

Decades of experience

Throughout its history, Soteryan has been a go-to for organizations seeking a personalized, effective security solution.

Precise guidance

We move organizations from a reactive, defensive security posture to proactive by contextualizing their threat intelligence.


Enterprises, governments, and infrastructure companies worldwide trust Soteryan to deliver actionable cyber security insights.

Highly certified security professionals

Our security team is highly experienced and certified from leading organizations such as GIAC and CISSP.

Recognized cyber security experts

Our security experts have published influential papers, given talks, won top awards, and provided expert testimony.

Top choice among Fortune 500 companies

We equip our clients with knowledge and confidence so they can focus on core business processes instead of worrying about security risks.

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