Incident Response

Identify, investigate, and remediate possible breaches

Has your organization fallen victim to a cyber attack? 

A security incident can be a high-stress, high-stakes situation. According to IBM, in 2021 the average data breach cost rose from USD 3.86 million to USD 4.24 million in 2021, the highest since reporting began. Poorly handled incident response can result in reputational damage and greater government regulation. According to PWC, 70% of organizations do not have a cyber incident response plan in place and are unprepared to respond to a cyber attack.

It may not always be possible to halt an attack before it breaches your security perimeter, so having a robust incident response plan in place is critical for containing an attack and minimizing potential damage.

Digital forensics involves thoroughly examining your system data, user activity, and other digital evidence in order to remediate a breach and prevent a recurrence.

Six phases of the incident response lifecycle

1. Preparation of systems and procedures

2. Identification of incidents

3. Containment of attackers and incident activity

4. Eradication of attackers and re-entry options

5. Recovery from incidents

6. Lessons learned and application of feedback

Building your incident response process

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Incident Response Planning

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Digital Forensics

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