Asset Discovery

Strengthen your security posture and simplify IT asset management

What is asset discovery?

Unmanaged IT assets present attackers with an entry point into your network. 69% of organizations admit they have experienced at least one cyberattack that started through the exploit of an unknown or unmanaged internet-facing asset, including software, cloud-based workloads, user accounts, and IoT devices. 

As a result of digitalization across industries, assets are now added, removed, and changed at a high frequency. The adoption of remote storage and servers has moved the locus of control away from security teams for many assets used to deliver IT.

IT asset discovery provides you with up-to-date information about the active and inactive assets present in your network. Identifying and mapping digital assets, including data, systems, and applications across the business value chain is a fundamental aspect of effective security posture. Asset discovery locates and makes visible your connected IT assets both locally and in the cloud. It is particularly useful for dynamic, complex network infrastructure where devices are routinely connected and disconnected. 

The result is a neatly-organized map of your company’s technology assets that can be used to make informed security decisions.

Benefits of asset discovery

Device management

Assess vulnerabilities

Update licenses

Solution feature

Make better informed security decisions

Soteryan first identifies all connected devices on a company’s IT and OT networks and classifies these assets. We gather comprehensive information about each asset, such as installed software, hardware specifications, privileges, users, and more, then use this information to develop each asset’s distinct risk profile. The result is a thorough asset inventory that eliminates blind spots and enhances overall security.

rapid assessment

Ensure your digital assets are secure

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