Red Team/Blue Team

Assess and proactively improve your defense systems

Red Team vs. Blue Team

Red and blue teaming simulate cyber attacks in order to measure the strength of an organization’s network security and cyber defenses. 

The red team, or experienced ethical hackers, act as attackers and try to identify and exploit any potential security weaknesses in an organization’s technology, people, and processes. 

The blue team, or incident response members, are responsible for defending the organization against cyber threats and attacks. Blue team members proactively identify security flaws, patch systems, and implement security controls. Together, red and blue teams work together to strengthen an organization’s security infrastructure.

Bridging red and blue teams - a combined approach

Soteryan’s red and blue team assessment allows an organization to benefit from both offensive and defensive security strategies. This iterative process and knowledge sharing allows organizations to develop robust security protocols to withstand future attacks.

Benefits of Red Team/Blue Team exercises

Proactive threat-hunting

Identify gaps in existing security posture

Provide organization with experience responding to live security event

Improve incident response plan

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Results of Red Team/Blue Team Exercise

  • Recommendations for improving security controls, surveillance, incident response, and other security processes
  • Get an efficient evaluation of your existing security program, including information systems, controls, and solutions
  • Assessment of your security team’s readiness to confront real threats and ability to detect potentially nefarious activity behind regular processes

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