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Continuous Monitoring

We oversee all IT assets, both on premise and in the cloud, and monitor your network for indicators of compromise in real time

Dynamic, Real-time Threat Recognition

Accelerated detection and response that reduces exposure time

Sophisticated Security Alerting

Contextual insights minimize false positives

Network Visibility

Soteryan platform grants the ability to track all network activity across devices, users, digital assets, and applications, significantly improving visibility across your entire infrastructure.

Risk Prioritization

Know where to allocate your resources

Open Architecture

Our cutting-edge platform can run on top of your existing architecture so you can manage, assess, and optimize your security program.

The Soteryan Platform provides sophisticated alerting

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The Complete Threat Intelligence Ecosystem

Risk Analytics

State-of-the-art cyber risk models

Our sophisticated risk analytics unite human expertise with tailored, innovative machine learning models to provide richer insight and context for predicting and addressing your cyber threats. 

Sophisticated Alerting

Prioritized Threat Intelligence

Straightforward, prioritized alerts tailored to your needs, so you can better manage your risk and focus on your core processes

rapid assessment

Enable Soteryan Platform and identify threats before they can disrupt operations

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