Rapid Threat Assessment

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Cyber security threats are on the rise. Spurred by ever-growing digital presence, the transitioning of traditional infrastructures to cloud-based solutions, and advanced interconnectivity, the cybersecurity landscape has grown in terms of sophistication of attacks, their complexity, and their impact.

Each business faces its own unique set of cyber security threats. Evaluating perceived threats, their likelihood of occurring, and their potential business impact is a critical early step in strengthening an organization’s overall defense.

Knowing the threats most relevant to your industry saves time, effort, and resources that would be wasted defending against threats that are unlikely to occur or irrelevant to your industry or business.

Through a rapid threat assessment Soteryan defines, identifies, classifies, and prioritizes the vulnerabilities most critical to an organization’s systems, assets, and infrastructure. Soteryan moves swiftly to identify actual, inherent, and potential threats unique to each organization. 

Soteryan’s risk-based approach targets all layers of an organization’s technology to identify security defects and potential threats.

What can a rapid threat assessment tell me?

The most critical item in cyber risk management is the data you process and exchange within your network.

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