Soteryan equips you with the knowledge and confidence to stay ahead of cyber threats

With Soteryan, your cyber security evolves with your business to keep you ahead of threats and out of harm’s way.

Soteryan Cognitive Security Model

We combine human-led threat hunting with sophisticated data analytics to neutralize digital risks

Our advanced threat intelligence is derived from adversary research, industry knowledge, machine learning, and decades of experience in threat hunting engagements.

We identify and prioritize relevant, high-level threats for your unique environment and deliver precise, actionable threat insights and remediation.

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Enterprises, governments, and organizations worldwide enlist Soteryan for threat intelligence.



Soteryan Security Platform

Get real-time insights and prioritized threat intelligence with Soteryan Platform

  • Precise Security Alerting
  • Security analytics capabilities for forensics, pivoting and detection
  • World-class research on malware and botnets
  • Real time tracking of billions of active infection records and tens of thousands of malicious domains
  • Global threats or localized spear-phishing, we are reporting your risks

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Straightforward, intelligent security tailored to your risks


Sophisticated threat intelligence and agile managed services to give you an edge.


As the threat landscape evolves so do our end-to-end security solutions. Soteryan's comprehensive range of products and services, combined with a flexible approach and delivery options, provide a unique, integrated alternative to the traditional service and consultancy providers.


Soteryan and its partnership teams have vast experience in working confidentially within the boardrooms of FTSE 500 companies and other leading European organizations and governments.

Are you at risk of being breached?

The average cost of a data breach in 2022 is €3.78 million. Assess your current security posture and see how Soteryan can significantly lower your risk.

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Your security journey is our journey

Soteryan’s world-class team of security consultants, threat researchers, and industry experts work together to analyze threats, prioritize risk, and optimize resources to keep you safe.

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