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We never sleep: protecting, and looking beyond the technology to completely address your organisations threat landscape.

Managing your security

We bring together the industry best cybersecurity talent, unique technologies and proven robust systems and processes into an easy-to-digest, end-to-end managed service and consultancy

  • Considerable global experience in delivering managed services

  • A 24/7/365 US & European-based cybersecurity monitoring centre

  • Real-time, cloud-based customer IT /data monitoring

  • Cybersecurity expertise and innovation from our consulting team

  • Close partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors

Market Landscape

US and UK firms still overestimating state of GDPR readiness

Market Landscape

Less than half of all businesses are prepared for cyber-attacks

Market Landscape

90% of large Co’s and 74% of SME’s have been breached

Market Landscape

Cyber Crime cost the global economy over $450 billion

Latest News

Network probes – precursor to a breach of your defences?

| Business, News, Security | No Comments
Network probes or the pre-ATT&CK phase (see below*1) are indicators of the silent attacker reconnaissance of the internet. Hidden in these scans can be the first signs of interest which can...

BBC Reports that infrastructure continues to be successfully attacked

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How to protect key infrastructure Assume attacks will be made. Prepare with the right people, processes and technology, or risk long-term damage Realise the attacks will not stop. Many organisations...

Bridging the security resource gap

| Business, News, Resources, Security, Strategy | No Comments
As companies face the challenge of combatting an expanding threat surface with a lack of internal resources, Soteryan’s CEO, Patrick Hart, looks at the role in-house and strategic partners will...
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