Every moment counts when there is a security breach

Once a security breach has happened it is all about timing and ensuring a swift response. Soteryan provide the technology and team to detect the attack and the capability to remove the intruder and limit the damage.

Our incident response solutions ensure around-the-clock, expert support to understand what has happened, rapidly restore business as usual and prevent any similar problem from reoccurring.

The hours after such a breach are vital. This is when intelligence on an attack’s origin, purpose and impact will enable an organisation to make informed decisions. Soteryan forensic offering provides immediate access to expert cyber analysts who will uncover that intelligence.

Key components:

24x7x365 cyber hotline & expert help on-site within 24 hours
Limit damage, control costs & reduce recovery time after a breach
Expertise to understand what’s affected & how to respond
Apply attack insights to improve defences
Regulatory impact assessment – GDPR

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