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Stay Cyber Safe When You Travel Near and Far

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In a world where we are constantly connected, cybersecurity cannot be limited to the home or office. When you’re travelling—whether domestic or international—it is always important to practice safe online...

Network probes – precursor to a breach of your defences?

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Network probes or the pre-ATT&CK phase (see below*1) are indicators of the silent attacker reconnaissance of the internet. Hidden in these scans can be the first signs of interest which can...

BBC Reports that infrastructure continues to be successfully attacked

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How to protect key infrastructure Assume attacks will be made. Prepare with the right people, processes and technology, or risk long-term damage Realise the attacks will not stop. Many organisations...

You’ve been hit by ransomware, should you pay?

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Your first reaction when faced with potentially losing all your data in a ransomware attack is possibly to reach for your wallet, but is it the right thing to do?...

Mitigating against DDoS attacks

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DDoS may be an old school attack vector but, it still accounts for 40% of cyber incidents according to Verizon… don’t get caught out! DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks...

How to build a successful security awareness training program

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Security awareness training is crucial in the fight against cybercrime, Patrick Hart, CEO, Soteryan, explains getting it right needs more than a check-box mentality… you need to engage your employees!...

Bridging the security resource gap

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As companies face the challenge of combatting an expanding threat surface with a lack of internal resources, Soteryan’s CEO, Patrick Hart, looks at the role in-house and strategic partners will...

Rushing to the cloud could be undermining your security

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While shifting to the public cloud has big benefits for companies, Soteryan’s Salim Neino warns that it can also open up a back door to their data and undo the...

Enterprise password management best practice

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Weak or stolen passwords are the first point of entry for 80% of breaches, so it’s critical enterprises get a handle on their password management. Building an effective password policy...

All the phacts about phishing

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Phishing is the single most common way for malware to be delivered into your network. Here are four things you need to know to protect yourself. Wikipedia defines phishing as...

Legislation could be the next big cyber threat to your brand

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While ransomware looks set to be with us for the long haul, data protection legislation could prove an even bigger threat to organisations, says Soteryan’s Salim Neino. In cybersecurity, the...

Understanding and mitigating against drive-by-downloads

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Drive-by-downloads are some of the most dangerous forms of attack as they can creep in under the radar without users noticing they’ve been infected. Here’s how you can protect yourself....

What is Cryptomining and why should you take notice

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Cryptomining witnessed a huge rise this past year. While it may appear much less damaging than other attacks, it can be just as dangerous, so you can’t afford to overlook...

Understanding risk is crucial to enterprise patch management

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It isn't news that many enterprises are not effectively managing their patch management programs, but here are three things that can help you refine your own position. Despite what you read...

Emotet: the dangerous infection you may not know you have

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You may not have heard about it, but Emotet malware is set to become a major threat in 2019. Here’s what you need to know to help defend yourself. Though...

Five pillars to build your cybersecurity on

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Soteryan’s Salim Neino sets out the five key building blocks that companies need to focus on in order to create a solid cyber security strategy.  Maintaining a solid cyber defence...

GDPR in a Nutshell

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At a glance GDPR key pointers, what you need to consider The GDPR requires organisations to have appropriate measures in place to protect personal data, which could include: Documenting what...

2018 Winter Olympics hit by cyberattack

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Main web site down for a total of about 12 hours

100 days to GDPR compliance deadline

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The rise of the Data Protection Officer & GDPR

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