GDPR in a Nutshell

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At a glance GDPR key pointers, what you need to consider

The GDPR requires organisations to have appropriate measures in place to protect personal data, which could include:

  • Documenting what data your organisation holds
  • Reviewing privacy notices
  • Updating procedures around individuals’ rights, including deleting personal data if asked
  • Planning how to handle subject access requests.
  • Reviewing how consent to process data is gained
  • Considering children, and whether age verification or parental consent is required
  • Having procedures in place to detect, report and investigate data breaches
  • Appointing a data protection officer

In the wake of recent high-profile data breaches, governments are urging businesses and charities to update their cyber security protections

Cyber security measures businesses and charities can take up to help protect their data include:

  • Using strong passwords and always downloading software updates
  • Adopting the Cyber essentials scheme to protect against the most common threats
  • Following cyber security guidance available from relevant government departments

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